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Ecommerce, Web Design and CMS Development for Forsight Opticians

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We've been working closely with the team at Forsight Opticians designing a new website with customised ecommerce solution and CMS.

Forsight was founded in 1986 with the key goal of providing quality eyewear and services. Based in Blackwater, on the borders of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, Forsight offers comprehensive eye exams, independent advice and recommendations for glasses and contact lenses, an onsite lab and technician, a wide range of designer glasses and sunglasses, plus friendly help and advice on any eye, glasses or contact lenses related issue.

During the development of the new Forsight Opticians website we setup email marketing surveys to source feedback form the opticians existing customer base which lead content development for the new website.

During the design of the new website we worked with the Forsight Opticians team to arrange for new photography of the shops interior and exterior, and updated the logo to a vector format allowing for usage across the website and in print materials.

The website we've designed for Forsight Opticians is based on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with a custom branded theme. The WordPress CMS allows the Forsight Opticians team to quickly and easily login to the Forsight Opticians website to add new pages, images and update copy.

The Forsight Opticians website offers visitors a Responsive Web Design (RWD) which allows for the website's content to be predictably delivered irrespective of device e.g. desktop browser, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

We've integrated a customised WooCommerce E-commerce solution using the Stripe merchant provider into the Forsight Opticians website to allow for customers to book and pay for eye examinations.

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Cocoon Boutique beauty and massage salon logo

Web Design and Digital Marketing for Cocoon Boutique

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We've been working with Cocoon Boutique designing new digital marketing features for the beauty and massage salon website.

Based in Yateley, Hampshire, Cocoon Boutique offers a wide range of beauty, massage and pregnancy treatments including clinical massage, Swedish massages, facials, hot stone massages, clinical pregnancy massages, waxing, Reiki, eye treatments, hand and feet treatments, and the Cocoon Boutique Ritual.

We've worked with the team at Cocoon Boutique to integrate the MailChimp email marketing platform into the Cocoon Boutique website and develop additional functionality allowing for user tracking. The MailChimp integration; list segmentation; and user tracking; allows for new visitors to the Cocoon Boutique website to be offered a discount against their first order after signing up to the Cocoon Boutique MailChimp email marketing list.

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Silex Silicones logo

Google Shopping Ecommerce and CMS development for Silex Silicones Umbraco website

Friday, August 18, 2017

We've been working with Silex Silicones adding new ecommerce functionality to their website's CMS and developing Google Shopping integration.

Silex Silicones Ltd manufacturers silicone in the UK and Germany and offers a huge range of silicone products including silicone tubing, gaskets, sheeting, foams, mouldings, adhesives, oils, gels and more! All of Silex's products including thousands of variations are available for purchase via the SIlex website.

Silex products are now availbale on Google Shopping, the results that come up direct on Googles search results page, with prices and stock levels being automatically updated from metadata on the website.

We've updated the Silex website's Umbraco CMS to allow for product integration with Google Shopping; selected products are now shown on Google Shopping search results; with prices and stock levels automatically updated by the metadata in the website's CMS.

This update to the Silex website provides the company with a new route to market and allows the team at Silex to quickly and easily add and change the products promoted via the Google Shopping channel.

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National Schools Partnership logo

National Schools Partnership using PAAM Software App for managing Teaching Workshops and Volunteer Placements

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The National Schools Partnership is a creative social marketing agency, with core expertise in education and youth sponsorship. The National Schools Partnership offers services including:

  • Research and evaluation to develop a deep understanding of young people, families & teachers.
  • Strategic and education consultancy to help navigate the world of education to form effective, tailored strategies.
  • Classroom and homework resources to create learning resources that inspire, innovate & engage.
  • Interactive learning tools to create exciting digital content and interactive learning tools.
  • Events and live learning experiences to create live learning experiences in & out of the classroom.
  • School and teacher engagement to maximise impact through bespoke multi-channel engagement plans.
  • Volunteer programmes to bring young people and business representatives together.

The National Schools Partnership employee volunteer programmes are designed to bring young people and business representatives together for mutual learning benefit. Through designing and facilitating engaging volunteer training The National Schools Partnership ensures development of the confidence and skills required. The National Schools Partnership’s overall approach to employee engagement grows employees’ motivation, skills and confidence and builds their relationship with their employers. The National Schools Partnership also create tools and systems to organise, manage and match schools, teachers and volunteers.

We've been working closely with The National Schools Partnership to design and develop a custom PAAM Software App for managing teaching workshops and volunteer placements.

The new PAAM Software App developed for The National Schools Partnership allows for:

  • Schools or teachers to request a workshop to be run with the help of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) employees in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland (ROI).
  • RBS employees to search workshop requests, filtering by date, location, and type.
  • RBS employees to select and register their ability to attend a workshop.
  • Customised, automated, and editable email and SMS messaging to encourage teachers and employees to communicate.
  • Custom email branding.
  • A single sign in integrated with the current MoneySense website using oAuth2.
  • Customised and automated branding depending on teacher and employee location.
  • Ability for admin and broker users at The National Schools Partnership to manage workshops; confirming they are ready to move forward with employees signed up to volunteer.
  • Statistics for tracking the effectiveness of volunteering programmes.

Visit PAAM to find out more about our cloud based staff and volunteer recruitment and management solution!

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