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Web Design and Digital Marketing for United Silicones

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We've been working with United Silicones to redesign the Silicone Manufacturing Company's website and optimise their digital marketing campaigns.

Based in Hampshire UK, United Silicones is a globally recognised name in the silicone manufacturing industry. Focused on the manufacture of silicone rubber and silicone sponge, United Silicones offers a wide range of products including Silicone Tubing, Moulds, Extrusions, Seals, Profiles, Washers, Gaskets, Seals, Sleeves, Sheeting, Shower and Bath Sealing Strip, Medical Tubing and Antibacterial Grade Silicone.

We've been working with United Silicones to freshen up the design of the United Silicones website. Utilising the existing Content Management System (CMS) we setup for United Silicones when we first designed the website has allowed the team at United Silicones to hit the ground running with the new website; with no need to learn a new system for adding new copy, images, and pages.

We've also worked with the United Silicones website and Google AdWords Digital Marketing Campaigns to further optimise the ROI of the PPC campaigns.

Google AdWords Digital Marketing website and campaign optimisation has included:

  • Setting up call conversion tracking in Google AdWords for clicks on phone numbers shown as Call Extensions on adverts.
  • Setting up call conversion tracking in Google AdWords for clicks on phone numbers shown on the website when reached via an AdWords advert.
  • Setting up contact form conversion tracking in Google AdWords.
  • Setting up call conversion tracking in Google Analytics for clicks on phone numbers when reached via an organic search.
  • Setting up contact form conversion tracking in Google Analytics for contact form submissions when reached via an organic search.

We've further developed the United Silicones website to take full advantage of the more advanced features of Google AdWords PPC, to allow campaigns to be further optimised moving forwards, and for all visitor actions to be trackable via conversion tracking. These updates have included:

  • All email addresses across the website including landing pages and product pages replaced with buttons leading to a newly created contact page.
  • All phone numbers across the website made clickable; enabling visitors to click and call from smartphones.

If you'd like to find out more about our web design and digital marketing services, please get in touch!

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Web Design and E-commerce for Purple Rain Shop Designer and Vintage Clothing

Thursday, March 23, 2017

We've been working closely with the Lizzie at Purple Rain Shop designing a new website for the designer and vintage clothing e-commerce store.

Purple Rain Shop offers a huge variety of head turning designer and vintage clothing for those looking for something unique and unusual that often can't be found on the high street. Handpicked from all over the world, buyers from Purple Rain Shop can be assured of something individual and distinctive; there is only ever one of any item for sale so once it's sold its gone!

The website we've designed for Purple Rain Shop is based on the WordPress CMS which allows Lizzie to quickly and easily login to the Purple Rain Shop website to add new items of clothing for sale, plus update images, copy, and add new pages to the website.

The website offers visitors a Responsive Web Design (RWD) which allows for the website’s content to be predictably delivered irrespective of device e.g. desktop browser, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

The website's e-commerce store is powered by the WooCommerce system which powers over 28% of all online shops, so Lizzie is in great company! We've integrated PayPal to allow for Lizzie to accept online payments.

The design of the website is a customised theme based on the Purple Rain Shop branding, we’ve helped Lizzie to follow this through the Purple Rain Shop social media channels which are integrated into the new website’s design.

To find out more about our web design projects please head over to the Web Design Services area of our website!

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Reference Request Add-on for the Refresh West PAAM Staff and Volunteer Management Software App

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We've been working with the event staff and volunteer recruitment and management company Refresh West adding new features to their PAAM Staff and Volunteer Software App.

Refresh West provides bar services for festivals and events across the UK. With a long history working in the bar and event sectors Refresh West supplies fully trained bar staff, supervisors and managers, all of the equipment required to setup and run event bars, stock, office and cash handling staff, a variety of concept bars and decor, broker sponsorship, full planning for events including CAD layouts for site plans, a wealth of environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainable practices, advice on licensing and local authority liaison.

Each year Refresh West needs to recruit hundreds of staff and volunteers to work at their bars at Glastonbury Festival, Shambala Festival, Love Saves The Day, Team Love's events, Arcadia Spectacular, Somerley Tea Party, Alfresco Disco, Red Bull events, Bristol Kite Festival and many more.

We've worked with Refresh West to integrate PAAM's Reference Request Add-on into the Refresh West PAAM Software App. The PAAM reference request add-on allows for staff and volunteers to add referees to their PAAM App profile including the referee's name, position, email address, phone number and company details.

When a referee has been added to a PAAM staff or volunteer profile, the Refresh West team can then quickly and easily request a reference for a staff member or volunteer with a click of a button.

When a reference is requested by the Refresh West team; PAAM automatically emails out a reference request email with a link specific to the staff member or volunteer which allows the referee to complete a reference using the PAAM online reference system.

The Refresh West team is notified by email as soon as an online reference has been completed by a referee, the reference can be either viewed online or downloaded.

If you'd like to find out more about PAAM and the software's custom Add-ons please visit the PAAM website!

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Balter Festival is now using our PAAM Volunteer Recruitment and Management Software

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Born in 2014 in deepest darkest Devon, before passing through the city of Bristol, Balter Festival is an annual music festival now based in Wales.

Balter Festival offers its patrons a wide variety of entertainment across the weekend and the festival's many stages including Jungle, Tekno, Core, 4/4, DnB, Breaks, Swing, Underground, Gypsy Swing Bands, Garage, Hip hop, Grime, Heavy Bass, Dub, Reggae, Party Tunes, Disco, Cheese, Classics, and Heavy Metal...to name just a few!

Each year Balter Festival recruits and manages teams of volunteers to help with running the festival and looking after the festival's ticket holders.

PAAM is now helping Balter Festival by providing:

  • A cloud based PAAM Offsite volunteer recruitment and management system.
  • Grouping of event staff and volunteer roles.
  • Customisable and consolidated email messaging and templates.
  • Google Wallet solution for deposit handling.
  • Fast one-click database searches.
  • Customisable system branding.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Simplified event volunteer processing.
  • Volunteer performance tracking.
  • Event planning including system exports.

Plus much more!

Balter Festival has also opted to incorporate PAAM's Pre-event Shift Allocation Add-on which allows volunteers to choose preferred shifts and for Balter Festival to assign shifts on a preference basis.

You can find out more about PAAM in our software services!

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