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Website Domain Registration and Transfer

Domain Minimum registration period Annual Fee 1 year £12.50 1 year £12.50
.com 1 year £17.50
.net 1 year £20.00
.org 1 year £20.00
.eu 1 year £17.50
Other 1 year Please contact us

All domain registration and transfer fees are ex VAT.

If a domain is being transferred the transfer fee also covers the first year's registration fee.

Registering a domain name with Hotbox Studios guarantees your ownership of that domain indefinitely. The domain is registered in your name with Nominet; Hotbox Studios administers the domain on your behalf although all ownership is in your name. If for any reason you decide to transfer the domain there are no additional charges imposed by Hotbox Studios.

SSL Certificate

We highly recommend you add an SSL to your website.

Without one, your website will be marked as non-secure in Google Chrome. Over 70% of people browse the web using Google Chrome.

The reason your website will be marked as non-secure is that Google marks any website without an SSL that accepts a login and password, as non-secure. As every modern website has a Content Management System (CMS), any modern website without an SSL will be marked as non-secure.

Your website being marked as non-secure will impact your online presence.

We've also found that adding an improves a website’s online presence e.g. improves search engine keyword results as Google prefers websites with SSLs.

Therefore, if you don’t already have one setup we strongly advise that you add an SSL to your website.

Adobe Web Fonts

If during the design of your website you decide on a typeface that is not available for free, we will need to charge for the use of the service to enable the font/s to be embedded in your website.

The free Adobe font library is limited to 230 fonts, the full library includes all 2,450 fonts.

You can subscribe direct, or we can provide the service at a discounted rate.

Web Service Minimum registration period Monthly Fee
SSL 1 year £5.00
Akismet Filtering 1 year £2.50
Adobe Web Fonts 1 year £2.00

All Web Service fees are ex VAT.