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Rated 5 stars by our clients

Rated 5 stars by our clients

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We're an experienced, established and trusted team with a 20 year history of providing website design, web development, and eCommerce websites.

Our strong focus on creative website design and the user experience, coupled with on-going support, has led to us designing websites for a wide range of clients across the UK.

If you'd like to talk with us about how we can help please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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  • We work with a wide range of clients large and small...

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    Website Design Wildflower Turf SP001 Homepage Responsive 800x849Px72Dpi

    Wildflower Turf and how we've helped...

    Founded in 2003 Wildflower Turf was created to meet the demand for ready made wildflower meadows without the establishment problems associated with traditional seeding methods. Wildflower Turf supplies 180,000 metres squared of turf each year to a diverse range of private and commercial customers including gardeners, landscape contractors, architects, and educational establishments.

    Before moving into the design and development for the new website we worked with Wildflower Turf to optimise their website's UX. We restructured the website for an improved user flow by removing unnecessary content, moving and highlighting relevant content, and fully planning the integration of their Meadowscape Pro sub-brand.

    We integrated Advanced Custom Fields Professional (ACF Pro) into the website's Content Management System (CMS) allowing for the team at Wildflower Turf to add custom post and content structure to the website. For an optimal user experience the website offers visitors Google Webfonts, Google Maps, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, custom jQuery, a custom product catalogue, blog, Mailchimp with newsletter signup, and social media channel integration.

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    Rogers Cory Partnership and how we've helped...

    Established in 2009 Rogers Cory Partnership (RCP) is an Architecture and Civil Engineering design consultancy specialising in residential developments. The design consultancy's client base includes most of the UK's largest house builders such as Barratt / David Wilson Group, Bellway, Berkeley Homes, Linden Homes, Persimmon / Charles Church and Taylor Wimpey. RCP is involved with developments of all sizes ranging from single dwellings to 1,500+ sites; providing all civil engineering infrastructure and architectural working drawing design.

    The Rogers Cory Partnership website offers visitors a Responsive Web Design (RWD) with customised navigation for mobile devices. The RWD allows for the website's content to be predictably delivered irrespective of device e.g. desktop browser, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The addition of the customised mobile device navigation results in a highly optimised mobile browsing experience.

    We've integrated Elementor into the Rogers Cory Partnership website's CMS; Elementor simplifies the website's page layout and design process allowing the RCP team to make simple page and website design updates in-house.

    The Rogers Cory Partnership website also includes custom post types and image sets, a customised contact form, criteria-based post filtering, Google Maps integration, Google web fonts, custom project post structure using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and image zooming for RCP design blueprints.

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    Website Design Rogers Cory Partnership SP001 Homepage Responsive 800x852Px72Dpi

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