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Keeping Green and Environmentally Friendly

Hotbox Studios is very conscious about the company's impact on the environment and wherever possible minimises this impact.

When ordering supplies we always pay a little more to go for the green option. For example all of our paper stationery is recycled.

Since the year 2000 we've been working with our clients helping them to provide paperless solutions such as online application systems. Just by way of our PAAM Volunteer Software we estimate on average each year Hotbox Studios helps its clients and their applicants avoid using 500,000 pieces of paper and 75,000 envelopes!

In addition to the software we develop for our clients, every year the simpler web based online contact and mailing systems we provide for our clients save countless millions more sheets of paper and envelopes where we've helped our clients to replace traditional paper based communication with paperless systems.

We offer downloadable documents such as manuals and invoices wherever possible to avoid unnecessary printing.

In our studio, near Fleet in north Hampshire, we recycle everything we can e.g. paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastics. We reuse as much as we can e.g. bubble wrap, bubble lined postage bags, cardboard backed envelopes. Those things we can't recycle or reuse ourselves we donate to those who can. For example we send our empty ink cartridges to British Red Cross.

We always pay a little more for energy saving products such as light bulbs.

Whenever we need to replace electronic equipment we do so with the most energy efficient possible. Our main supplier of computer equipment, Dell, has been building environmental considerations into every stage of the product life cycle for more than a decade. This including development and design, manufacturing and operations, customer use and end-of-life product disposition.

All of our electronic equipment is protected by Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). In the case of our web hosting systems these are also protected by secondary backup power supplies independent of the national grid. This meaning the equipment is protected from power spikes and failures thus avoiding unnecessary waste in replacing damaged systems. The protection of our systems also avoids data loss and downtime, which in turn saves both Hotbox Studios and the company's client's time, thus money and energy.

Although we use a lot of new technology and do enjoy working with the latest equipment; we don't just upgrade because a newer model has been released. A good example is the poor old Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart P1100 printer we replaced in January 2009. Our faithful old HP photo printer was bought in 1999. Unfortunately it finally gave up after ten years and needed to be replaced but if it hadn't we would still be using it!

We always jump at the chance to work on environmentally conscious projects; such as Alpha by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance for which Hotbox Studios produced performing arts animation. Alpha looks at the effects of technology on the natural world and explores issues relating to sustainable living.

Our sister company Hotbox Events employs all of the green practices above and more besides.

Hotbox Studios used ink cartridges for recycling