Cedarwood Festival using Hotbox Studios' PAAM App for Event Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Cedarwood Festival Logo

Hotbox Studios' Web App PAAM is now being used by Cedarwood Festival! The Cedarwood volunteers, called the Tribe, are the beating heart of the festival, without Cedarwood's volunteers the festival would simply not be possible! Cedarwood's volunteers work across the festival supported 24/7 by the team leads in areas including stewarding, hospitality, and media.

Hotbox Studios' PAAM App is now helping the Cedarwood Festival team by providing:

  • A cloud-based volunteer recruitment and management web app.
  • Automated reference requests.
  • Pre-event shift selection and allocation.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Fast one-click database searches.
  • Customisable email messaging and templates.
  • Grouping of volunteer roles.
  • Custom system branding.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Simplified event volunteer processing.
  • Volunteer performance tracking.
  • Event planning including system exports.

Cedarwood Festival's PAAM App includes a wealth of functionality by design, and as a responsive mobile friendly cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere in the world on any device. Being a custom designed web app, as Cedarwood Festival's requirements change, their PAAM App can evolve with them, new custom features developed and added on-demand to fit the developing needs of the staff and volunteers using the Cedarwood Festival PAAM App.

Click below to visit the PAAM website and find out more about our event staff and volunteer web app!