Web Application Development for Basingstoke College of Technology BCoT

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Web Application Development for Basingstoke College of Technology BCoT

Hotbox Studios has developed an innovative piece of software which allows easy setting and tracking of goals for students within Further Education (FE). The ILP has been installed at Basingstoke College of Technology to allow tutors and lecturers to update students on their progress.

With easy inputting of goals by a course lecturer or tutor, the software requires little additional administration - helping cut down on the amount of paperwork per student.

Goals can be set at course level i.e. a goal can be set for all students on a particular programme, thus accelerating the goal setting progress. Goals can also be set on a student level - allowing for individual student goals to be created.

The information is brought together in a calendar view - this providing an overview of student progress throughout the year. A simple colour coded system shows where a student has achieved goals, and flagging where they haven't.

Being a web based package - the ILP allows lecturers and students to view progress from within the college, from home, or anywhere where an internet connection is available. No more excuses for not knowing there was an assignment to hand in!

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