Shirazeh Houshiary 2014 Veil Animation HD Re-mastering

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shirazeh Houshiary 2014 Veil Animation HD Re-mastering

Hotbox Studios' Mark Hatchard has been working closely with the visual artist Shirazeh Houshiary to re-master Shirazeh's fine art film installation Veil.

Veil was first created by Shirazeh in 2006; a refinement of the animation produced for the 2005 piece Amu by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance.

The first version of Veil was created in low resolution Standard Definition (SD) for gallery projection. Shirazeh came to Hotbox Studios in 2013 wishing to update the animation to enable the film to be presented on modern HD LCD screens. Mark Hatchard has worked closely with Shirazeh; re-mastering the animation to create a true HD version of the original Veil film.

Veil is a fine art film installation by Shirazeh Houshiary, animated by Mark Hatchard at Hotbox Studios.

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