PAAM Event Management Software 2.0 for Hotbox Events

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PAAM Event Management Software 2.0 for Hotbox Events

Hotbox Studios has updated Hotbox Events PAAM to PAAM v2.0!

Hotbox Events works closely with Festival organisers, Festival Republic, in recruiting and managing over one thousand five hundred and volunteers at Festival Republic's UK based Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Latitude Festival and Big Chill Festival.

Hotbox Events staff and volunteers get involved with all sorts at Festival Republic's festivals, for example:

  • Assisting festival goers with directions.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Answering questions about performances and line-ups.
  • Reporting back to management regarding any problems e.g. a build-up of litter or faulty facilities.
  • Working with Fire Safety, Medical and Security teams as required.

In 2010 Hotbox Events staff and volunteers even got involved with the Spencer Tunick Naked Art Installation at the Big Chill Festival and the Pendulum Gig and Silent Disco at the Leeds Festival!

You can find out more about Hotbox Events via their website

If you have any questions about how PAAM has helped Hotbox Events and how it may be able to help you in the same way please contact PAAM!