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Hotbox Events Web Design and SEO

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hotbox Events Web Design and SEO

Hotbox Studios has been working closely with its sister company Hotbox Events; updating the Hotbox Events website for the 2012 festival and event season!

We've been working with the Hotbox Events website to restructure the website's navigation - making it simple for volunteer festival stewards, event staff and festival clients to find what they are looking for on the Hotbox Events website!

We've updated many of the pages across the Hotbox Events website, updated the website's navigation, social networking and added new pages which separate the festival staff and volunteer information form the festival and event client information.

Additionally we've been working to further improve the already impressive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results of the Hotbox Events website. We've been amending copy, code and META on all existing pages and have added new and tweaked existing landing pages including:

Try searching on Google for a few of keywords we've been targeting for Hotbox Events and see how we've been getting on! Hotbox Events' keywords and terms include:

  • Festival Volunteering
  • Festival Volunteers
  • Festival Stewarding
  • Festival Stewards
  • Latitude Festival Jobs
  • Reading Festival Jobs
  • Leeds Festival Jobs
  • Latitude Festival Work
  • Reading Festival Work
  • Leeds Festival Work
  • Hotbox

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