Hotbox Events 2014 Website and PAAM Web Application Development

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hotbox Events 2014 Website and PAAM Web Application Development

We've been working with our sister company Hotbox Events; updating their website and PAAM Web Application ready for their busy 2014 festival season!

The main update for the Hotbox Events website has been a new mobile style sheet; a much needed addition which will help all of their staff and volunteers viewing the website on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We've made quite a lot of changes to the Hotbox Events PAAM App which should help the Hotbox Events team with the recruitment and management of the 2,000+ staff and volunteers at the Latitude, Reading and Leeds Festival. PAAM updates for the 2014 season have included:

  • A new printable one page sign in sheet to expedite the onsite event sign in process and help with event site access
  • Staff and volunteer profile versions; allowing admin to see previously saved profile versions
  • A new Borders and Immigration Excel export
  • Full profiles and documents viewable by admin without needing to login as an applicant
  • A process change for the event info pages to help admin with uploading multiple documents
  • The addition of an opening soon option for events
  • A simplified deposit payment page for card, BACS and cheque deposit payments
  • Event cancellation dates added to applicant profiles for admin reference
  • An additional warning message and emails to admin, staff and volunteers for when applicants cancel their account whilst accepted to events
  • A fix to stop applicants being able to re-apply to an event they've previously cancelled once an event is full
  • An updated Borders and Immigration section on staff and volunteer profiles
  • Additional experience questions to help with staff recruitment
  • A new fire tower section for the volunteer profiles detailing the role and related search filters

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