Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management for United Silicones

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

United Silicones logo

We've been working with the silicone manufacturer United Silicones to design and optimise Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns to promote the company's silicone rubber and silicone sponge products.

Based in Hampshire UK the United Silicones team has decades of experience in silicone manufacturing and has built United Silicones into globally recognised and respected name in the silicone industry. Focused on the manufacture of silicone rubber and silicone sponge United Silicones offers a wide range of products including Silicone Tubing, Moulds, Extrusions, Seals, Profiles, Washers, Gaskets, Seals, Sleeves, Sheeting, Shower and Bath Sealing Strip, Medical Tubing and Antibacterial Grade Silicone.

We've worked with United Silicones to setup Google AdWords PPC Campaigns to promote their silicone rubber and silicone sponge products to new and existing clients across the UK. Following the creation of the Google AdWords PPC campaigns we're providing ongoing management of the campaigns to make sure United Silicones is getting the best ROI on their online marketing budget.

The Google AdWords PPC design and management for United Silicones has included:

  • Keyword research including variations; local and global volume; competition.
  • Setup of Google AdWords campaigns to target client facing product terms.
  • Ongoing management of the new Google AdWords PPC campaigns including weekly analysis of performance including budgets, bids, keywords and rankings.

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