Website Design, Web Development, and Managed WordPress Hosting for Aeon Solicitors

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Aeon Solicitors logo

We have been working with Aeon Solicitors designing a new WordPress website for the London based legal practice.

Aeon Solicitors offers specialist experience in a wide range of employment law matters. Prior to entering the legal profession Aeon Solicitors Principal Sue Ziegler worked for multi-national corporations in marketing and research.

The new website we have designed for Aeon Solicitors is developed upon the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We developed a custom design for the website, then a ground up customised WordPress CMS and WordPress Theme to the Aeon Solicitors website’s requirements. Following the new Aeon Solicitors website going live the WordPress CMS allows the team at Aeon Solicitors to quickly and easily login to add new pages, images, and copy.

The Aeon Solicitors website offers visitors a Mobile First Responsive Web Design (RWD) allowing for the Aeon Solicitors website's content to be optimised for mobile interaction and predictably delivered irrespective of device. The addition of custom mobile device navigation results in a highly optimised browsing experience.

We have integrated Advanced Custom Fields Professional (ACF Pro) into the Aeon Solicitors website’s CMS which allows for custom post and content structure across the Aeon Solicitors’ website and CMS.

The Aeon Solicitors website is Progressive Web App (PWA) enabled, includes custom post and content structure, custom JavaScript for sliders, quotes, and menus, Tailwind based CSS offering a modular design and futureproof flexibility, Google Maps and Fonts integration.

The Aeon Solicitors website is being hosted on our Managed WordPress Hosting which runs on UK based Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, includes a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and offers multiple UK availability zones designed and managed in alignment with best security practices and IT security standards. This all provides a fast, secure, and reliable hosting platform for the new Aeon Solicitors website.

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