Web Design, Digital Marketing, and PAAM Software App updates for DC Site Services

Thursday, November 16, 2017

DC Site Services logo

We've been working closely with the event and festival contractor DC Site Services throughout the 2017 event and festival season updating the company's website, PAAM Software App, and integrating new digital marketing solutions into DC Site Service's website.

DC Site Services supplies thousands of staff to events and festivals across the UK each year. Working closely with the event organisers DC Site Services offers traffic management, car parking, stewarding, cleaning, waste, litter and recycling services.

We've updated the DC Site Services' website to offer enhanced social media integration, and made updates across the website to tightly integrate with the digital marketing campaigns we manage for DC Site Services.

The tight website integration and additional development of offsite digital marketing now allows for enhanced conversion tracking thus granular analysis of DC Site Services' digital marketing ROI.

We've also updated and added new functionality to DC Site Services' PAAM Software App including custom changes to their event staff application form and new exports to assist with event staff recruitment and management.

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