Web Design and CMS Development for the Rival Owners Association

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rival Owners Association

We've been working with the Rival Owners Association, adding new features to the Rival Owners Association website and developing new features for the website's Content Management System (CMS).

The Rival Owners Association (ROA) was Founded in 1974 by Peter Brett, the designer of the Rival. The ROA is an Association of past and present owners of Rival yachts, with the aim of promoting friendly contact between owners and crews worldwide. The ROA offers help and encouragement to all Rival owners, whether in their home waters or undertaking long distance cruises, as well as those looking to buy a Rival. The ROA also provides a forum for discussion about alterations to existing boats and advice regarding completion of hulls.

We've worked with the ROA to add a new archive of publications to their website. The ROA archive dates back to 1968, comprising of searchable and downloadable PDF documents. The archive can be searched using Boolean, keyword and string specific functions.

We've also worked with the ROA to develop a new layout manager for page creation and editing within the website's CMS. The new layout manager enables the website's editors to design richer multi-column layouts and page designs using a WYSIWYG editor incorporated into the website's CMS.

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