Silex Silicones website Umbraco CMS design and feature updates

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Silex Silicones logo

We've been working with Silex Silicones to update the design and add new functionality to their website's Umbraco CMS.

Silex Silicones Ltd manufacturers silicone in the UK and Germany and offers a huge range of silicone products including silicone tubing, gaskets, sheeting, foams, mouldings, adhesives, oils, gels and more! All of Silex's products including thousands of variations are available for purchase via the SIlex website.

We've been working closely with Silex to add new category options to the Umbraco CMS that powers the responsive website and ecommerce solution and we developed for Silex.

As part of our ongoing client management and support we keep a close eye on the features and security of all of our client's websites and Content Management Systems. To keep the Silex website running smoothly and securely we've also worked with the Silex team to update their CMS to the latest version of the Umbraco Content Management System.

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