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Scripture Union PAAM Staff and Volunteer Software App

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Scripture Union PAAM Staff and Volunteer Software App

Established 150 years ago; founded in England in 1867; Scripture Union is a global movement active in over 120 countries. Scripture Union is a Christian charity, involved in a wide range of exciting activities and initiatives, offering children and young people opportunities to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

Scripture Union works in wide variety of areas including schools, in the community, with sport, holidays and events.

Scripture Union has been organising holidays, events and activities for children, young people and families for more than 100 years include camping, sleeping in log cabins, outdoor activity centres, luxury boarding schools, sport, adventure, arts and crafts, fun and games, horse riding, sailing, motor sport, performing arts, baking and more! All of Scripture Union's holidays and other events are run by suitably vetted and trained staff and volunteer teams.

We've worked closely with Scripture Union to design and develop a highly customised PAAM Event Staff and Volunteer Software App to assist Scripture Union with their staff and volunteer recruitment and management. The new Scripture Union PAAM Software App includes:

  • Mirrored system and datacentre redundancy
  • A completely customised front end including bespoke CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Event specific questions
  • Integrated block based page editor for event info pages and core system pages
  • Separate application forms for different team types
  • Front end filtering of events by location, date, age range, event type
  • Google Maps based event search
  • Additional application process states and substates
  • API based DBS checks using Atlantic Data
  • Parental consent form requested, submitted, and approved via PAAM
  • Reference forms requested, submitted, and approved via PAAM
  • Integrated overseas checks including Borders and Immigration, Passport checks, Visa checks
  • Customised system imports and exports
  • Leader based approval for each volunteer prior to event acceptance and payment options are presented
  • Custom URL
  • JSON API WorldPay merchant payment integration
  • Email and SMS automation based on applicant and event status
  • Email and SMS logging

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