PAAM Software App Add-ons, Updates and Development

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PAAM Software App logo

We've been busy updating the PAAM Software App with new Software Add-ons, Updates and Development!

PAAM is a cloud based staff and volunteer recruitment and management software application developed by Hotbox Studios.

PAAM is used globally for the recruitment and management of tens of thousands of staff and volunteers for events, exhibitions, trade shows, projects, teaching and expeditions each year.

PAAM Add-ons

We're continually working with our PAAM clients to add new features to their PAAM systems to help them get the most out of PAAM. Some of the most frequently requested features have now become PAAM Add-ons!

PAAM Add-ons include Automated Reference Requests, Pre-event Shift Allocation, Meal Ordering, Auto-group on Deposit and Bond Payment, Applicant Approval Processes, and External Event Pages.

PAAM Updates

PAAM updates include both global updates we've made to the entire PAAM Software App, and custom updates we've made to individual PAAM systems.

PAAM updates incorporate a wide range of features including Timesheet Management, Payroll Integration, Document Upload and Approval, Automatic New Event Notifications, Hosting Infrastructure and Security Upgrades, Custom Reporting and Exports, API Access and Integration, Recurring Shifts and Events, Composite Search Functions, Expense Requests, Communication and Referral Tracking, Profile Version Logging, Custom Targeted Email and Text Messaging, Alternative Role Notifications, and much more!

About PAAM

The PAAM staff and volunteer recruitment and management web application has developed organically from very humble beginnings in 2001.

We're very proud of how PAAM has grown over the years so wanted to share a little about PAAM's history with you!

Please head over to PAAM to find out more about where PAAM came from and the development of the PAAM Web Application.