PAAM Event Staff Web Application Development for DC Site Services

Thursday, September 17, 2015

PAAM Event Staff Software App updates for DC Site Services

We've been working with the event and festival contractor DC Site Services. DC Site Services recruits and manages thousands of staff for events and festivals across the UK and supplies services including traffic management, car parking, stewarding, cleaning, waste, and sustainability management, litter picking and recycling.

We've been working with DC Site Services adding new features and functionality to their PAAM Offsite Software App and PAAM Onsite Cloud Software App.

The DC Site Services Offsite PAAM Software App now automatically shows the DC team who marked applicants as paid, approved, and shows application, payment and cancellation statistics for the past 30 days.

The DC Site Services Onsite PAAM Software App now provides payroll information within post event exports and offers a full list of staff on the event check-in page giving event staff the option to either search for a member of staff or merely scroll the page to find their details and check them in at the event.

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