DC Site Services 2015 PAAM Web Application and Web Design updates

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DC Site Services logo

We've been working with festival and event contractor DC Site Services adding new features to their PAAM software app and updating the design of the DC Site Services website for the company's 2015 event season.

Updates to DC Site Services' PAAM software app have included:

  • A pre-screening process added which now requires a member of the DC Site Services admin team to signoff a profile before an applicant can be accepted to an event, and logging of which admin user signed off the profile.
  • An automatic system added to flag applicants following an event who have not applied for future events to allow for a mid-season deposit return.
  • Shadow groups added to allow for easier pre-event group and shift allocation.
  • Timesheets added to allow staff to record hours worked at events.
  • 30 day application, payment and cancellation stats added.
  • CSAS and Road Traffic qualifications added to application qualifications section.
  • A new search option added to identify members who have completed a profile but not applied for any events.
  • Deposit amounts made visible at all times when in admin view, even after an event has finished.
  • The Event Info button and page updated to remain in place until an event info pack has been added to an event.
  • Additional details section of the application profile updated to cover health and safety.
  • Dietary requirement options updated for applicants.
  • P46 New Starter form replaced with a new student loan section within the applicant profiles and set to automatically update each season.
  • Blacklist updated to log admin user, date and time, and notes made editable.
  • Option added to archive profile notes.
  • The ability to add attachments to emails added, email template updated and automatic acceptance emails setup.
  • A new event export added to include applicant name, contact details, uniform size and team.
  • New individual applicant email notification option added from the event view.
  • Text messaging updated to allow for group messaging rather than the entire event.
  • New hidden events added for smaller events that are to be staffed with regular personnel.
  • Details of admin users are now recorded when applicants are marked as paid.

Updates to DC Site Services' website have included:

  • Changed the flow of the website for staff and volunteers.
  • Added new staff and volunteer specific pages and navigation.
  • Homepage updated with new photos and sliders.
  • New copy and photos added to the Traffic Management landing page.
  • Updates to the client page including new logos and testimonials.
  • New copy and photos added to the Event Staff landing page.
  • Updates to the promotional photos across the website.

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