Big Church Day Out is now using our PAAM Volunteer Recruitment and Management Software

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Big Church Day Out logo

Big Church Day Out is a non-profit music festival based in West Sussex, UK. The festival represents a wide variety of musical styles including contemporary Christian music, to Christian rock, contemporary worship music, gospel and Christian rap.

Appealing to all denominations of Christians, Big Church Day Out has an audience of over twenty thousand each year and wouldn't be possible without the large team of volunteers recruited each year to help run the event.

PAAM is now helping Big Church Day Out by providing:

  • A cloud based PAAM Offsite volunteer recruitment and management system.
  • A local NAS based PAAM Onsite volunteer management system.
  • Application options including team preferences, reference management, and availability.
  • Grouping of event volunteer roles.
  • Fast one-click event volunteer database searches.
  • Easy uploading of event information for volunteers.
  • Customisable email templates.
  • Consolidated email messaging.
  • Simplified event volunteer processing.
  • Event planning including system exports.
  • Volunteer performance tracking.

Plus much much more!

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