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Website keyword tracking and reporting for Digital Marketing

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Website keyword tracking and reporting for Digital Marketing

Hotbox Studios has installed a new website ranking system that is now tracking the keyword and search engine performances for our client's websites. The new system tracks the position of websites hosted with Hotbox Studios for selected keywords in search engine results. We've setup scheduled reports that our clients will receive via email on either a weekly or monthly basis (depending on their current reporting preferences), allowing them to keep an eye on the performance of their websites and their SEO status.

In addition to the new keyword and search engine tracking feature, our new system is now also capable of pulling data from Google Analytics, tracking social network interactions (if we have access to the client's social accounts) and providing advanced website research and analysis. Initially we've setup just one additional report for each website, which will provide an overview of user interactions via an Analytics Dashboard.

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