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Website Design and WordPress CMS Development for Skinora

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Skinora logo

We have been working with the team at Skinora designing a new website and developing a custom WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for the personalised online skincare consultancy.

Founded by Dr Anna Puri and Dr Lucinda Appiah; both practising GPs with a particular interest in dermatology and skincare and with extensive experience in treating a variety of skin conditions; Skinora takes a unique approach to skincare by focusing on the ingredients relevant to specific skin types and concerns. Skinora's customers are asked to complete an online skincare questionnaire followed by a personal consultation, Skinora then selects the products that will produce measurable results to achieve great skin.

The new website we have designed for Skinora is developed upon the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We developed a custom design for the website, then a ground up customised WordPress CMS and WordPress Theme to the Skinora website’s requirements. Following the new Skinora website going live; the WordPress CMS allows the team at Skinora to quickly and easily login to add new pages, images, and copy.

The Skinora website offers visitors a Mobile First Responsive Web Design (RWD) allowing for the Skinora website’s content to be optimised for mobile interaction and predictably delivered irrespective of device e.g. desktop browser, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

We’ve integrated Advanced Custom Fields Professional (ACF Pro) into the Skinora website’s CMS; allowing for custom post and content structure across the Skinora website and CMS.

The new Skinora website’s ecommerce solution is provided using WooCommerce with customised Stripe merchant provider integration, coupon options, email design, single product, category, and recommended product views, and custom PHP for customer shopping basket email re-marketing.

For stage one of Skinora's personalised online skincare consultation we’ve designed a customised skincare questionnaire with multiple step answers. The questionnaire includes WordPress account creation within the questionnaire flow, Google Analytics funnels to monitor questionnaire drop offs, and a custom admin plugin to track questionnaire process.

The Skinora website also includes BEM based CSS, custom JavaScript, custom on-page CSS animations, page speed optimisation, logo and branding refinement, and social media integrations.

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