Website Design and Web Development for The Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Website Design and Web Development for The Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Hotbox Studios has been working closely with The Swedish Ship Gotheborg (SOIC) and is excited to announce that we've just launched the new The Swedish Ship Gotheborg website!

We've worked with the team at The Swedish Ship Gotheborg to create a website that is easy to navigate and clearly breaks down the fascinating history and unique experience offered by The Swedish Ship Gotheborg. The new website also integrates SOIC's social feeds (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), includes live GPS tracking of the ship and a multilingual option allowing for viewing of the SOIC website in Swedish and English.

The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg offers the experience of a lifetime. Using Hotbox Studios PAAM Web Application you can apply to join the Götheborg's crew as a deckhand and sail off into the horizon! Working on a traditional sailing ship isn't an easy ride - you'll often be needed to work under extreme conditions, with blisters on your hands, aching limbs and with little sleep. Although at the end of the day the reward is second to none; whilst your friends and colleagues are ending their days at the same old pub or at home on the sofa; you'll be laying in the rigging watching the sun go down as you sail off towards the horizon!

For each leg The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg also recruits a blogger, photographer and videographer. You can apply to join the crew in one of these positions for free on the condition that your time on-board is dedicated to documenting the trip.

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg website is one of Hotbox Studios WordPress based websites - offering clients the functionality and design they require at a price tailored to the small and medium business.

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