Website Design and Development for DC Site Services

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Website Design and Development for DC Site Services

The DC Site Services website has been updated for the forthcoming UK festival and event season.

DC Sites provide services such as event management, stewarding and traffic marshalling to the live event industry.

Examples include Glastonbury Festival, T In The Park, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Hifi, and The Big Chill.

DC Site Services employs thousands of staff each year across a wide spectrum of events and is therefore by necessity a very flexible and collaborative organisation with a good sense of humour.

These are the key characteristics the site was designed to portray.

The first build of the DC Site Services website was produced by Hotbox Studios back in 2001, and since then Hotbox have worked closely with DC Site Services in developing the site.

The website aids DC Site Services management and administration staff with pre and post event staff administration, and keeps everyone who works with the company as up to date as possible throughout the year.

This is all achieved via online application forms, calendars, news areas, online contact forms, forums, mailing lists, galleries and more.

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