Web Hosting and Online Security 2008 Upgrade

Monday, December 15, 2008

Web Hosting and Online Security 2008 Upgrade

Hotbox Studios is in the process of upgrading the company's IT infrastructure. In mid-March we're installing three new servers and additional security hardware within our new UK based data centre. Until now Hotbox Studios has provided online services via hardware based in Germany. Due to the number of websites we run and the popularity of the PAAM Event Management Software Hotbox Studios released in 2007 - we've been pushing the limits of the older technology.

The new systems will separate the databases and number crunching from the viewing and interaction with websites.

The new systems will also include a mirrored set-up meaning one of the two front end web servers could fail without any interruption to websites or on-line services and with no loss of data. This setup also allowing us to make critical updates again without any interruption to websites or on-line services.

As far as what this will mean for our client's - websites, on-line software and services will be faster, more reliable and more secure.

This new technology will be installed at an initial cost of around fifteen thousand pounds, housing the new systems within a UK data centre will also substantially increase Hotbox Studios annual online services costs. Although, we see providing state-of-the-art backend technology as our responsibility thus do not currently* plan to pass on these costs to our clients by increasing current Hotbox Studios' client's online services costs**.

There will be a four week transfer period; mid-March to mid-April; when we will be moving all currently on the German server to the new UK servers. This should cause no interruption of service.

Any questions please get in touch.

*HotBox Studios Ltd reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. **HotBox Studios Ltd clients' websites that run an SSL will now require two; doubling current annual SSL license fees - this does not apply to clients that run PAAM systems.

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