Web Design for Planet Ocean and ecoSUB Robotics

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ecoSUB Robotics logo

We've been working with Planet Ocean creating an online presence for their new ecoSUB Robotics project.

Planet Ocean unveiled the new ecoSUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicles at the NOC Marine Autonomous and Technology Showcase which took place in Southampton in November.

The vehicles have been developed in collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre as part of a project funded by Innovate UK. The soft launch comes one year into the two-year project, prior to testing and finally official launch to market. The full launch is planned for April 2017 at the Ocean Business exhibition which is to be held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

We've worked with the team at Planet Ocean and ecoSUB Robotics to setup their initial online presence and digital marketing integration in preparation for their full launch in 2017.

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