Web Design for GoEmbryo Horse Breeding Marketplace

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

GoEmbryo logo

We've been working closely with GoEmbryo designing a new website which provides a unique online marketplace for mare owners and breeders to buy and sell the breeding rights to a mare for a controlled amount of time.

Setup by the show jump rider Danny Dunne, and equine vet James Crawford, GoEmbryo offers breeders the option to purchase an embryo or foal in utero from a top mare; making available high-worth mares to more breeders with the advantage of not having to commit to a single mare for several years. By using the GoEmbryo model breeders can sample different mare families each year thus follow commercial trends and see greater variety in the stock produced.

The new GoEmbryo website offers buyers and sellers:

  • Custom pricing and categories with search functions
  • Custom horse background data
  • Photo and video galleries of each horse

The website we've designed for GoEmbryo is based on the WordPress CMS, this allows the GoEmbryo team to quickly and easily login to their website when they need to update copy, images, and add new pages.

The website includes a Responsive Web Design (RWD) which allows for the website's content to be predictably delivered irrespective of device e.g. desktop browser, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

The website integrates Gravity Forms which allows for the GoEmbryo team to update and add new forms to the website. We've also integrated the SEO Framework for easy updating of meta titles and descriptions across the website, and the Masonry.js JavaScript layout engine which allows for a variety of photo sizes and aspect ratios to be accommodated by the website's grid based layout.

The website's PayPal integration allows for sellers to create and pay for a new advert via the GoEmbryo website. When there is interest from a buyer the website initiates a customised email process between the buyer and seller.

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