Web Design for Authentic Neapolitan Italian Pizza company Baked and Battered

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baked and Battered logo

We've been working closely with Baked and Battered designing a new website for the authentic Neapolitan Italian pizza company!

Based in Cobham, Surrey, Baked and Battered specialises in authentic Neapolitan Italian pizza using homemade dough specially prepared each day in their Italian pizza oven! With a menu combining a mix of traditional Italian pizzas with some Baked and Battered specials, all lovingly cooked using fresh ingredients and Baked and Battered homemade sauce, Baked and Battered is long way from your average pizza company!

Not limiting themselves to pizza, Baked and Battered also offer tasty freshly caught fish, salads, soups, breads, proper pies, and a range of puddings. Yes, we put on quite a few pounds whilst working on this one!

To top off the Baked and Battered service, when ordering for home delivery you'll be greeted not by a random bike or car, but by either Vincent Van Baked or Fryer Truck, the Baked and Battered custom designed delivery vans!

We worked with Baked and Battered to create a website that showcases the high quality and unique nature of their business. The website is driven by the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) which allows the Baked and Battered team to login and update the website quickly and easily. The website has been designed using Responsive Web Design (RWD) allowing for content to be delivered predictably irrespective of device (notebook, tablet or smartphone). We've integrated a blog, social feeds, Instagram photos, event listings to showcase Vincent Van Baked and Fryer Truck, and the Google Maps API for geo-location of the Baked and Battered store.

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