Web Design and Website Development for John James Newman

Monday, September 26, 2005

Web Design and Website Development for John James Newman

Following the release of John James Newman's debut album 'Little Whispers', Hotbox Studios is updating the John James Newman website.

As the son of Sandy Newman, the lead singer of 60's Scottish pop act Marmalade, John James Newman has always had music in his life.

The work began atthe humble age of 16 when he left his family and friends to attend the Newcastle College of Contemporary Music.

It is here that John formed his most successful venture to date, the four piece rock outfit Mosey.

They worked as hard as any band have ever done, gigging, writing and demoing but nothing came to fruition and the band disbanded in early 2002.

Ina bid to continue to learn his craft and take some much needed time out, John moved to the US.

He worked stoically as a solo acoustic artist playing in coffee shops and open mic nights across first the Boston area and subsequently around Alaska.

On his return to England John approached his blossoming career with renewed enthusiasm.

With a collection of tunes under his belt he set about finding producers to work with, and in mid 2005 released his first studio album, Little Whispers.

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