Web Design and Website Development for DC Site Services

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Web Design and Website Development for DC Site Services

The new DC Site Services (DCSS) website is now live! DCSS is one of the UKs largest providers of staff to music festivals and live events. DCSS employs roughly two thousand staff per season - safety stewards, traffic marshals, recycling and litter teams - to a wide variety of events.

The DCSS website is also home to over a thousand volunteers - Campsite Assistance Teams (CATs) and Helpful Arena Teams (HATs) - run by Festival Republic at the Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, and Latitude Festival.

The first build of the DCSS website was produced by HotBox Studios back in 2001 - then HotBox Productions. Since 2001 HotBox Studios has worked closely with DCSS and Festival Republic - developing the website and online services. The website aids both DCSS and Festival Republic with recruitment, administration, and keeps everyone who works with the company as up to date as possible throughout the festival and live event season.

HotBox Studios has also setup an online implementation of the PAAM software package which works hand-in-hand with the DCSS website.

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