Web Design and Web Application Development for MusicPlus Digital

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wash Media MusicPlus Digital Soundhub music education logo

We've been working closely with Wash Media designing a website and web application for the MusicPlus Digital Soundhub Music Education project.

The MusicPlus Digital (MPD) project consists of a website and cloud web app that combined provide an online First Access programme developed for teaching Key Stage 2 ukulele lessons. The new website and app we've designed for the MusicPlus Digital project offers classes of students a full year of ukulele tuition incorporating key music skills and targeted at national curriculum outcomes.

The website uses Responsive Website Design (RWD) allowing the website to be delivered to schools irrespective of browser, operating system or device. The website uses HTML5 Video, a full page scrolling layout and a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powered news area providing the MusicPlus Digital team with an intuitive and secure area for website updates.

We've also worked with MusicPlus Digital to develop a cloud based software app which is incorporated into the new website. The cloud software app allows the MusicPlus Digital team to manage the ukulele HTML5 Video lessons and Adobe Edge Animate powered animations. To offer delivery and scalability the ukulele lessons take advantage of Amazon's Cloudfront CDN for video.

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