Web design and PAAM App Software updates for DC Site Services

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DC Site Services logo

We've been working closely with the event and festival contractor DC Site Services updating their website and PAAM App systems for the 2016 event and festival season!

DC Site Services supplies thousands of staff to events and festivals across the UK each year. Working closely with the event organisers DC Site Services offers traffic management, car parking, stewarding, cleaning, waste, litter and recycling services.

We've made updates to the DC Site Services website including:

  • Updated Event Calendar allowing for easier viewing of event jobs.
  • Updated the homepage to add the company’s Arena, Stadiums and Venue services, created new imagery for the homepage slider and separated the company’s staff and client news.
  • Setup a new staff newsletter and templates.
  • Created a new landing page for the company’s Arena, Stadiums and Venue services.
  • Redesigned the contact page to clarify the different department contact details.
  • Designed a new Meet The Team page.
  • Designed a new Ethos and Values page.
  • Designed a new Green page.
  • Updated the company’s client logos across all services pages.
  • Connected the website to the company’s LinkedIn page.
  • Designed a new Staff Solutions page targeted at Bar and Promotional Staff Services.
  • Redesigned the website’s landing page templates to promote the Call To Action on each page.
  • Promoted the forum throughout the staff and volunteer areas to encourage interaction and discussion.
  • Updated the staff and volunteer flow throughout the website to aid recruitment.
  • Updated the company’s History page.
  • Created a new online payment page allowing clients to pay via card.
  • Updated the rating system to change from an average across all previous events to a single rating.
  • Updated the website’s CMS to Umbraco 7.

We've also made updates to the DC Site Services PAAM App system including:

  • Added a document area for staff to access handbooks and other company documents digitally.
  • Added a cancellation popup to notify staff of an event’s cancellation deadline or if no cancellation is possible.
  • Updated the DC Site Services PAAM login page.
  • Clarified the requirement for staff to provide documents to prove their right to work in the UK.
  • Reset users P46 areas and setup completion as mandatory for a new season.
  • Removed dormant user accounts.
  • Setup the ability for applicants to pay deposits as part of a payment plan.
  • Added a new Other Job role at events with the option to add further details.
  • Added contact details to cancellation page allowing the applicant to easily get in touch.
  • Created an event export to allow for staff ID badges to be printed.

Last but not least we've updated the DC Site Services PAAM Onsite App systems:

  • Added the ability to rate a member of staff both during and after an event.
  • Updated the layout on tablets to allow for easier use.
  • Setup a new checkout process to allow for a supervisor to confirm hours, equipment and additional details.
  • Added an area for break times to be included.

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