Web Application PAAM 2.0 released by Hotbox Studios

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Web Application PAAM 2.0 released by Hotbox Studios

PAAM 2.0 has been released by Hotbox Studios! PAAM is an event recruitment and events management Software Application designed to help with event recruitment, applications, administration and events management of event staff and volunteers.

PAAM 2.0 sees the software application come of age. The front end (or user interface) has been given a complete overhaul - every section is now easier to navigate and complete. New features have been added to help with recruitment e.g. PAAM's new statistics which are provided via graphs throughout the PAAM software application; showing how many users are logging in, applying for events, paying deposits...

The new PAAM website goes into far greater depth about the features and benefits of PAAM - many of these are explained within the PAAM Tour.

We'll also be adding further info via the PAAM Blog as often as we can!

Click below to find out more about our staff and volunteer web application!