Web Application Development for the We are Futures PAAM App

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

We are Futures logo

We have been working closely with We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership developing new features and functionality for their customised PAAM Web Application used for managing teaching workshops and volunteer placements.

We are Futures is a youth engagement agency with expertise in delivering Education, Brand, Talent and Social impacts. We are Futures helps it clients to achieve measurable commercial and social results by connecting them with the dynamic world of under-25s. We are Futures works hand in hand with its unique network of over 80,000 teachers, education experts and school leaders, The National Schools Partnership.

We are Futures specialises in:

  • Learning and Education, creating many of the most memorable and impactful curriculum-linked learning programmes across the UK and into Europe.
  • Brand and Experience, connecting brands with under-25s through digital, social and experiential campaigns that excite, engage and inspire.
  • Social and Community, developing social impact strategies that make a positive difference for young people and reflect a business’ vision, values and priorities.
  • Talent and Skills, future-proofing businesses by helping develop the skills and competencies young people need to match an organisation’s requirements.

The National Schools Partnership specialises in:

  • Research and evaluation to develop a deep understanding of young people, families & teachers.
  • Strategic and education consultancy to help navigate the world of education to form effective, tailored strategies.
  • Classroom and homework resources to create learning resources that inspire, innovate & engage.
  • Interactive learning tools to create exciting digital content and interactive learning tools.
  • Events and live learning experiences to create live learning experiences in & out of the classroom.
  • School and teacher engagement to maximise impact through bespoke multi-channel engagement plans.
  • Volunteer programmes to bring young people and business representatives together.

The We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership employee volunteer programmes are designed to bring young people and business representatives together for mutual learning benefit. Through designing and facilitating engaging volunteer training We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership ensure development of the confidence and skills required. The overall employee engagement approach of We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership grows employees’ motivation, skills and confidence and builds their relationship with their employers. We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership also create tools and systems to organise, manage and match schools, teachers and volunteers.

The updates and new features for the We are Futures and The National Schools Partnership PAAM Web Application have included:

  • A new system for the batch creation of multiple workshops with differing dates and workshop type.
  • User Interface (UI) development to enhance the application's usability.
  • Extended calendar system to store and reload active administrative session entries.
  • Customised web application user and administrative entry validation.

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