Web Application Development for Kent Music eLearning Web App

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Kent Music logo

We have been working with Kent Music developing the MusicPlus Digital eLearning web application.

Kent Music provides creative and inspiring music education opportunities to children, young people, adults and teachers across Kent, including music lessons, orchestras and choirs, and working with schools.

The MusicPlus Digital eLearning web application we developed with Kent Music offers students a full year of music tuition incorporating key music skills targeted at national curriculum outcomes. On finishing the first year of tuition most children will be able to perform with confidence whilst singing, play at least four chords, play melodies using TAB notation, interpret and play basic notation, devise basic compositions using rhythmic notation and chords.

We have worked with Kent Music further developing the MusicPlus Digital eLearning web application, new features for the application include:

  • Free signup and access to a selection of the HTML5 Video and Adobe Edge Animate powered eLearning materials.
  • As lessons are completed new lessons are now unlocked in order, assuring step by step progression through the eLearning materials.
  • Restricting access to some lessons and asset downloads to classroom-based learning.
  • An extensive accordion-based FAQ section to assist teachers and students when using the eLearning web application.
  • To encourage eLearning signups a custom form placed strategically throughout introductory pages encouraging students to sign up as they read about what the application can offer and they can learn.
  • Reworked UI to make the web application as mobile friendly as possible.

Kent Music's MusicPlus Digital web application includes a wealth of functionality by design, and as a cloud-based system is also further customisable moving forward. As Kent Music's MusicPlus Digital grows and requirements change, the web application can evolve, with new custom features being developed and added on-demand to fit the developing needs of the teachers and students using the MusicPlus Digital web application.

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