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The Swedish Ship Gotheborg PAAM Event Software

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg PAAM Event Software

We're excited to announce that The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg is now using Hotbox Studios' PAAM Event Management Software!

The Swedish Sailing Ship Gotheborg offers the experience of a lifetime - you can apply to join the ship's crew as a deckhand and sail off into the sunset! It's not an easy ride - you'll often be needed to work under extreme conditions, with aching limbs, blisters on your hands and with little sleep. Although the reward at the end of the day is second to none; whilst your friends and colleagues from home are ending their days at the same old bar or plonked on the sofa; you're lying in the rigging watching the sunset as you sail off towards the horizon!

The Swedish Sailing Ship GotheborgFor each leg The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg also recruits a photographer, blogger and videographer. You can join the crew in one of these positions for free on the condition that your time on-board is dedicated to documenting the trip.

Using PAAM, The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg has streamlined its recruitment and management process with:

  • Variable pricing for different dates and roles
  • Pre-sailing role and watch management
  • Fast one-click applicant database searches
  • Online recruitment and management of land based events
  • Online management and recruitment of sailing legs
  • Consolidated messaging
  • Online payment handling via DIBS
  • Easy uploading of event information

Plus all of the additional functionality PAAM provides as standard!

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