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Taylormade Treatments cloud based Staff Software

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taylormade Treatments cloud based Staff Software

Taylormade Treatments is now using Hotbox Studios' cloud based Event Management Software!

Taylormade Treatments supplies massage staff and services to UK ferry lines. The services offered by Taylormade Treatments include Indian Head Massages and exotic treatments in the on-board Spa.

Hotbox Studios has developed a highly customised cloud based PAAM system for Taylormade Treatments which allows their staff to login and manage their shifts and make shift payments online. The Taylormade Treatments team can quickly and easily login to setup new shifts, check staff rotas and supply these to their clients, accept online payments and set mandatory shift booking rules.

Using PAAM the Taylormade Treatments team can now:

  • View shift and staff rotas and supply these to their clients
  • Specify mandatory shift rules e.g. at least one shift of a certain type must be booked per week
  • Easily add new shifts to the booking calendar
  • Set shift booking and payment deadlines
  • Set variable shift fees
  • Receive shift deposits and completion fees automatically

Using PAAM Taylormade Treatments' staff can now:

  • Login to book and cancel shifts
  • Check their shift calendar for forthcoming shifts and shift status
  • Pay shift deposits online using PayPal
  • Pay shift completion fees online using PayPal

Plus all the additional functionality PAAM provides as standard!

For more about PAAM please visit