Sponsoring Rosalind (Roz) Clarke volunteering with the Global Volunteer Network in Panama

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sponsoring Rosalind (Roz) Clarke volunteering with the Global Volunteer Network in Panama

Hotbox Studios and Hotbox Studios' sister company Hotbox Events are sponsoring Rosalind (Roz) Clarke who is sacrificing her cosy UK Christmas and New Year to volunteer with the Global Volunteer Network in Panama.

The Panama projects Roz has volunteered to work with are located in the valley of Boquete, and in the city of David. Boquete is situated in the western highlands of Panama, nestled amongst the country's most mountainous region this peaceful town is situated between the Caldera River and Baru Volcano. Boquete is a very safe place and has a large expatriate community of North Americans and Europeans. The city of David is located roughly 45 minutes away from Boquete and is the second largest city in Panama. David is situated on gently rolling plains about half way between the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Cordillera Talamanca Highlands to the North.

Childrens' Programs

With the help of Hotbox Studios and Hotbox Events, Roz will be helping children in need by developing and inspiring their minds and hearts. The children Roz will be working with seek love, attention, knowledge and education to empower them to have successful futures, free from poverty and filled with opportunities. The program works to create growth and development opportunities for children and teenagers with a focus on children living in orphanages and those who come from low income families. The volunteers working with this program help in orphanages assisting with daily activities and childcare duties; work with teenage mothers and their newborn children; work as a youth mentors helping with homework and being a friend to confide in and talk too; run Saturday morning soccer sessions and music classes.

Literacy Program

The ability to read, write and speak English is key for many Panamanians in the workforce or those planning to enter the workforce. Roz will be teaching English in the community of Boquete to both adults and younger students. The teaching and reading is done one-on-one or in small groups.

All here at Hotbox Studios and Hotbox Events wish Roz the very best for the trip and are looking forward to hearing all about it following a safe return in January!