Royalty Free Photos for 3D Arts Animation and Website Design

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Royalty Free Photos for 3D Arts Animation and Website Design

When working on arts animation and website design we're always on the lookout for great textures, images and photos. Usually we either create these ourselves or more often pay for them via one of the many websites that sell textures, illustrations and photos.

Whilst working on a new 3D Animation Project we were looking for textures and came across one of the best resources we've ever seen and what's more - it's free!

The CG Textures website was created by Marcel Vijfwinkel. Marcel is a 3D artist so knows the importance of good quality reference material. There is far more on the website than you might expect including categories for Animals, Bones, Brick, Buildings, Cambodia, Concrete, Decals, Doors, Fabric, Fire, Food, Ground, Grunge, Ink, Landscapes, Manmade, Marble, Metal, Nature, Ornaments, Paper, Plaster, Plastic, Roads, Rock, Roofing, Rust, Scrap, Signs, Skies 360, Skies Partial, Soil, Splatter, Tiles, Various, Water, Windows, Wood, Wrinkles and even X-Rays!

If you're looking for high quality royalty free textures and photos for 3D Animation and Web Design have a browse of the CG Textures website as it may well have what you are looking for!

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