PAAM Web Application Development for Kangacrew Childcare Recruitment

Monday, August 1, 2011

PAAM Web Application Development for Kangacrew Childcare Recruitment

Kangacrew Childcare Recruitment is the first to use the new version of our PAAM software: PAAM Recruit!

Kangacrew is using PAAM Recruit to assist with recruiting a varied array of staff for the nursery and childcare sector.

Kangacrew is an agency that understands the needs of the nursery staff and childcare recruitment sector, working with both candidates and clients for a variety of recruitment needs. Examples for those looking for either permanent or temporary nursery and childcare jobs include: nursery staff, nursery managers, nannies, cooks and care home staff.

Applicants can now apply and manage their Kangacrew PAAM Recruit profile online. The PAAM Recruit system provides applicants the ability to manage their profile as details change and upload their CV. Applicants can then search for jobs based on qualifications required, location, job type and salary, safe in the knowledge that they will be contacted if positions become available.

Kangacrew's own staff can manage their applicants and candidates in a variety of ways, examples include:

  • Marking applicants as: Suitable, Interviewed, Accepted, Rejected
  • Apply automatic templates for rejected and suitable applicants
  • Email advertising of vacancies which can be targeted to appropriate applicants
  • Create job templates
  • Email responses to candidates
  • Search for candidates by name, status, qualification, preferred role...
  • Archive old candidates and clients

Plus much much more!

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