Jolly Green Sherpas is now using our PAAM Volunteer Recruitment and Management Software

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jolly Green Sherpas Illustration festival site with Jolly Green Sherpas name and logo

Jolly Green Sherpas is a festival luggage service that helps festival goers when they arrive at festivals to move all of their equipment and supplies form the bus and taxi drop-off and carparks to the campsites. Jolly Green Sherpas works with a wide variety of music festivals including We Are FSTVL, Download Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Body and Soul Festival, Blissfields Festival, NASS Festival, Truck Festival, Kendal Calling Festival, Y Not Festival, Boardmasters Festival, Shambala Festival, and Festival Number 6.

Every year Jolly Green Sherpas recruits and manages teams of volunteers to help the festival goers have the best experience possible at the festivals they work with.

PAAM is now helping Jolly Green Sherpas by providing:

  • A cloud based PAAM Offsite volunteer recruitment and management system.
  • Grouping of volunteer roles.
  • Customisable and consolidated email messaging and templates.
  • WorldPay ecommerce deposit handling solution.
  • Fast one-click database searches.
  • Customisable system branding.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Simplified event volunteer processing.
  • Volunteer performance tracking.
  • Event planning including system exports.

Plus much more!

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