Hotbox Studios 3D Animation Arts Showreel

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Hotbox Studios 3D Animation Arts Showreel

Hotbox Studios 2004 Showreel has been completed.

The DVD includes a animated demo edited to the track 'Intoxicate' by Clinical Fidelity - a two piece drum and bass collaboration between part-time musicians Alex Hadley and Steph Hatchard.

The DVD also features the following:

-NEMESIS - a project created through the support of a Year of the Artist Award from Southern Arts and the Arts Council England that explores the relationship between body, screen and machine.

-BodyScript - the culmination of a creative project involving Random dancers and young peoplebetween the ages of 14-19 from Islington and surrounding areas.

-Ice Floe - an annual collaboration between Laban and Greenwich DanceAgency, who have produced a Christmas Youth Dance Project.

-Alpha - a piece in collaboration with Random Dance that looks at the effects of technology on the natural world and explores issues relating to sustainable living.

-Light Atlas - a joint initiative between Laban and Greenwich Dance Agency, bringing together 50 pupils from Lewisham and Greenwich.

-Pills Thrills - a drug-drive documentary-play aimed at 16 to 21 year olds by APE Theatre Company.

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