Google Ads Digital Marketing for Central Linemarkings

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Central Linemarkings logo

We have been working with Central Linemarkings, creating new Google Ads Search Pay Per Click (PPC) Digital Marketing Campaigns to promote the Hampshire based company's line marking and removal services.

Central Linemarkings has been providing line marking and removal services to the south of the UK for over 40 years. Central Linemarkings offers a full range of line marking and removal services including Road Markings, Car Parks, Runways, Racetracks, Playgrounds, Warehouses, Sports Courts, Hydro Blasting, Hot Applied Thermo Plastic, Cold Applied MMA, and High Friction Surfacing.

We have worked with the team at Central Linemarkings to expand and refine the Google Ads campaigns we’ve been successfully managing for Central Linemarkings over the past year, promoting their products and services to new and existing customers in the south of the UK.

The Google Ads account and campaign development for Central Linemarkings has included:

  • Updated keyword research including variations, volumes, and competition.
  • Updating all responsive and extended text adverts in all campaigns.
  • Adding dynamic ad groups and adverts to all campaigns.
  • Optimising advert headings, descriptions, and display URLs.
  • Adding and updating all advert extensions.
  • A cull of targeted keywords to focus on best performing.

The above will improve Central Linemarkings' Google Ads Campaign performance including:

  • Lowering average Cost Per Click.
  • Offering more clicks to their website.
  • Increasing Search Impression Share.
  • Improving Click Through Ratio.
  • Improving Conversion Rate.

So overall, providing an improved ROI for Central Linemarkings' on their marketing spend.

We're continuing to work with Central Linemarkings, providing ongoing management of their Google Ads account and campaigns on a weekly basis to make sure Central Linemarkings receives the best ROI on their marketing investment moving forward.

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