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DC Site Services Web Design

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DC Site Services Web Design

Hotbox Studios has just launched the new DC Site Services website!

DC Site Services is a festival and event contractor which supplies event staff across the UK. DC Site Services specialises in event cleaning and waste management, recycling management, and traffic management.

Hotbox Studios launched the first DC Site Services website in the winter of 2000 and we've all been working very closely with DC Site Services to design and develop the fourth version of the company's website for DC Site Services' 20 year anniversary!

The new DC Site Services website has been developed using the Umbraco CMS; this allows for fully featured and user friendly content management of the website. By using Responsive Web Design (RWD) the website is delivered to users predictably irrespective of browser and device. DISQUS is used for the website's news articles and FAQs to help the company's large event staff user base interact with DC Site Services and ask questions.

We've also worked with DC Site Services to update their brand including a new logo which was designed by our friends at Helvetic Brands.

If you're interested in some of the technical stuff the website has been developed using HTML5 and CSS3, uses Adobe's Typekit web fonts and several JavaScript libraries including response.js to show images depending on screen size, respond.js as a Media Query Polyfill to help with RWD for older browsers, and modernizer.js to handle HTML5 feature detection.

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