DC Site Services Volunteers using PAAM Web Application

Thursday, March 12, 2015

DC Site Services Volunteers using PAAM Web Application

The festival and event services company DC Site Services has used our PAAM Web Application for festival and event staff recruitment and management since the PAAM software was first created back in 2007. DC Site Services is expanding into festival volunteering in 2014 and to assist with this asked Hotbox Studios to create a new PAAM system for DC Site Services dedicated to their volunteer recruitment and management!

The new DC Site Services PAAM Web Application is helping DC by providing:

  • A new event dedicated application process; meaning volunteers can follow a specific route to application from the DC Site Services website depending on the festival or event they are interested in.
  • Cloud based recruitment and deposit payment
  • Consolidated email messaging
  • Customisable email templates
  • SMS volunteer recruitment and management messaging
  • Simplified event volunteer application processing
  • Easy uploading of event information for volunteers
  • Fast one-click event volunteer database searches
  • Grouping of event volunteer roles
  • Event planning including system exports
  • Volunteer performance tracking

Plus much more!

Click below to find out more about our staff and volunteer web application!