DC Site Services is now using our new PAAM Web Application for staff event management

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DC Site Services is now using our new PAAM Onsite Software App for its staff event management

The event and festival contractor DC Site Services is now using the new PAAM Onsite Software App for its staff event management!

DC Site Services supplies thousands of event staff to events and festivals across the UK. Working closely with the event organisers DC offers services including traffic management, car parking, stewarding, cleaning, waste, litter and recycling.

The new PAAM Onsite Software App is now helping the DC Site Services team by providing: 

  • Event data import from the company's main PAAM system including staff profiles, groups, shifts, ID photos and uploaded documents such as right to work passport scans.
  • Quick barcode scanning for staff check-in and shift confirmation.
  • Recording that company documents such as Health and Safety have been read and signed.
  • Recording that application documents such as passports proving the applicants right to work have been seen and scanned.
  • Recording any onsite resources allocated such as radios.
  • Recording pass, ID card, uniform, and handbook allocation.
  • Comprehensive staff profile database search.
  • The ability to quickly move staff between groups, shifts, change hours, positions and resources via easy to use drag and drop functionality.
  • Recording shifts and hours worked, missed, and save notes against staff profiles such as the reason for a missed shift.
  • Exports for other onsite agencies, event licencing and audit offices.
  • Exports for processing payroll.
  • Both a cloud and local NAS server version of the PAAM Onsite App for when with and without a reliable internet connection.
  • Wireless connectivity for notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

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