CPA Events PAAM Staff Recruitment and Management Software App

Thursday, April 5, 2018

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CPA Events is an event traffic management, parking, and site traffic control specialist. CPA Events offers services including the development of event traffic management plans, traffic drawings, signage schedule, production and installation, highway licences, permits, and traffic regulation orders, multi-agency liaison including SAG meetings, traffic management of event site load-ins and load-outs, pedestrian crossings, event carparks and live-in vehicle areas, event site entrances, exits, gates and roadways.

CPA Events works with events across the UK including Eroica Britannia, El Dorado, Junction 2, Elderflower Fields, Into the Trees, Nibley, Eastern Electrics, James Dean Sausage & Cider Festivals, Hay Festival, Three Choirs, Farr Festival, Love Supreme, Rat Race, Rough Runner, Uventure Run, Votwo.

To support its clients CPA Events recruits and manages staff including traffic managers, supervisors, traffic stewards and marshals, banksmen, and office administrators.

Hotbox Studios' PAAM Software App is now helping CPA Events by providing:

  • A cloud based PAAM Offsite staff recruitment and management system.
  • Pre-event shift selection and allocation.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Fast one-click database searches.
  • Post application pre-acceptance staff approval.
  • Customisable and consolidated email messaging and templates.
  • Grouping of staff roles.
  • Customisable system branding.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Simplified event staff processing.
  • Staff performance tracking.
  • Event planning including system exports.

Plus much more!

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