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Clinical Fidelity Album Cover Design

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Clinical Fidelity Album Cover Design

Production of Clinical Fidelity's album cover has been completed forFourplay Records.

is a two piece collaboration between part-time musicians Alex Hadley and Steph Hatchard.

The pair have been friends since their teens but only started producing music together in 2000.

Their first and only album to date is titled The Fourplay EP and offers clean and crisp female vocals from Steph combined with tightly produced drum and bass courtesy of Alex.

The sharp depth and clarity evident in the music lead HotBox Studios to look at ice and water when designing the album cover.

Initially focusing on ice - HotBox froze and photographed a thinlayer of water.

As it began to melt they captured still sequences of thedrips falling.

The final images produced for the album cover and its inlay weredigitally manipulated photographs of the drips falling, and the surface of the ice.

Pictures taken for the album cover can be viewed here.