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BrisFest PAAM Event Management Software

Friday, July 6, 2012

BrisFest PAAM Event Management Software

BrisFest (Bristol Festival) is now using Hotbox Studios' PAAM Event Management Software!

BrisFest, founded in 2007, is a not-for-profit music festival based in Bristol, UK. In 2011 BrisFest welcomed 25,000 festival goers and in 2012 is planned to see 20,000 people attending each day!

BrisFest is more than just a music festival, as a registered charity BrisFest works to involve and support the Bristol community by mentoring to build confidence, skills, by providing free training and qualifications to those who work and volunteer with the event.

Showcasing the best musical talent from the South West of the UK, BrisFest 2012 boasts 11 stages and 2,000 artists offering music, art, circus, comedy and dance.

BrisFest recruits 500 festival volunteers each year to help run the event. Using PAAM, BrisFest has streamlined its 2012 volunteer recruitment and management. BrisFest's PAAM system is helping the team by:

  • Automatically accepting applicants into teams
  • Showing applicants which teams have spaces
  • Allowing for online deposit handling
  • Providing volunteer performance tracking
  • Providing fast one-click event staff database searches
  • Allowing for easy uploading of event information
  • Consolidating messaging to applicants

Plus much more!

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