Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair PAAM Volunteer Software

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair logo

We've been working closely with Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair; developing the design and functionality of the PAAM Software App the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair uses for the annual recruitment and management of the volunteers who help to run the event.

Led by EngineeringUK in partnership with over 200 organisations across government, industry, education and the wider science and engineering community, the Big Bang Fair is an award-winning UK event for young people that celebrates science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Targeted at young people aged 7-19, The Big Bang Fair combines exciting theatre, interactive workshops, exhibits and careers information from STEM professionals. Starting in 2009 and attracting 6,500 visitors, The Big Bang Fair has grown to attract an audience of over 70,000 a year becoming the UK’s largest celebration of STEM for young people, and the largest youth event in the UK.

The Big Bang Fair wouldn’t be possible without the large team of volunteers they recruit each year to help run the event. The Big Bang Fair volunteers help across the event by demonstrating and explaining the experiments and inspiring the young audience to get involved. The Big Bang Fair volunteers gain a huge amount of the experience too, learning new skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork, plus being offered the opportunity to gain events experience and network with local and national employers.

The design and development updates to the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair PAAM Software App have included:

  • A full rebrand and facelift of the Big Bang PAAM system.
  • A new multistep application form with progress indicators; designed to separate the longer application form into easier to complete smaller sections.
  • A new multi-group option allowing volunteers to be assigned to multiple main groups and subgroups; for use when a volunteer is taking on multiple roles at the event.
  • A new event level ‘all’ group allowing event administrators to view all volunteers accepted to the event and all groups the volunteers have been assigned to.
  • A new global learning tab allowing all accepted volunteers access to event related learning materials.

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